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JUL 24, 2020A2A IG Chat with Jenna Arnold, Author of “Raising Our Hands”, and special guest Denise Hamilton as they discuss all things race, identity, privilege and power. Instagram
AUG 7, 2020A2A IG Chat with Peter Pannell and special guest Craig Steel as they discuss the Educational system and how to navigate it.Instagram
AUG 21, 2020A2A IG Chat with Crowns & Hops Co-Founders Teo Hunter and Beny Ashburn, hosted by Black Owned in LA Founder Miranda Edwards as they discuss the importance of Racial Equity in business.Instagram
SEPT 4, 2020A2A IG Chat with Liberty Fairs Co-Founder Sharifa Murdock and Vice President Edwina Kulego as they discuss the importance of diversity in fashion and the next generation.Instagram
OCT 2, 2020A2A IG Chat with Yogi and Creator Alicia “ACE” Easter as she guides us through a special meditation session on joy and resilience.Instagram
OCT 16, 2020A2A IG Chat with Thomas Lee, executive director of Friends of the Children Los Angeles and Victor Dandridge as they discuss ways we can talk with children about racism.Instagram
OCT 30, 2020A2A IG Chat with Amy Richards of Soapbox Inc. and Victor Dandridge as they discuss the women’s movement and the road ahead.Instagram
NOV 11, 2020A2A Roundtable Discussion on the Power, Promotion & Protection of Black Women in America with Oge Egbuonu, Dyllan McGee, Elsa Marie Collins, and Glo Atanmo.YouTube
JAN 22, 2020A2A IG Chat with Quency Phillips and Courtney Carter as they discuss how to activate allyship. Log into Instagram Live at 12pm PT/3pm ET to listen to their conversation and Q&A session.Instagram